So since the album has come out I've been keeping myself busy with two new projects, I'll make some more Mark Tronson Solo music soon, but in the mean time I'm excited to be working on some very different material. 

The First project is a new Melbourne based Hard Rock band called FIGURES. Figures is turning into an excited energetic Deftones-esque band. We're writing and demoing lost of material, so hopefully very soon I'll have some music to show.

The second project is a collaboration with my brother Michael called NO TRANSITORY. More on the progressive, anthemic rock side, it reminds me a lot of a mix of Tesseract and Thirty Seconds To Mars. Click the link below to the No Transitory sound cloud to hear some instrumental demos!
Well the music video has been doing very well, well enough for a bronze medal! Thanks very much to Dimi Nakov for really pushing this one. Check out the article below on myself, Dimi and the other winners!

In March of 2014 while finalising the last few bits and pieces of the album and preparing for its release, I went to back to New Zealand to play some shows with my old cover band Whitewash for fun. Oh, and also to shoot a music video! I joined forces with the mighty Dimi Nakov, a man who has built a small, yet powerful underground filming empire in Auckland. Dimi been working on independent films and music videos for many years now, probably his most notable achievement to date was the work he's done on the last couple of DEVILSKIN music videos. He had a free weekend so we whipped up a camera, gear and a crew to shoot me playing in a white room for an afternoon. Dimi did a great job and I'm really happy with the result, don't forget to share it!  

Keep The Cards music video