So over the last year or so ago when I first began working on my songs, I helped out my good friend Nicholas King with a horror movie he both wrote and directed called "The Depiction Of A Series Of Brutal Murders". Now completed, we thought it would be time for a good old premiere! So we decided to combine a few projects together and cram them into one evening. I'm taking this opportunity to play a handful of songs from my solo album '26'. Along side the film and the music, my partner Mariya Nakova (who also worked on the film as the Producer) will be displaying two small photography exhibitions entitled 'Flawless' and 'Milk'. It'll be held at the ever-so-grungy Wine Cellar in Auckland and will cost a whopping ZERO dollars to get in. It should be a fun evening and I'm really looking forward to it. Click the poster to the left to go to the Facebook event page. -Mark

Hi Everyone, We would like to invite you to our Experimental Intermedia evening on Wed 28th November at The Wine Cellar. We have decided to put together this event in order to show and celebrate the completion of our projects – a photography exhibition, a solo album performance and a short film. The event is free and is not for the faint hearted. If you want to mix and mingle with some cool arty people and don’t mind a bit of dark art then come along, bring friends and co-workers that may be interested.

Mark Tronson – I’ll be performing a handful of tracks from my up and coming debut solo album ‘26’ which I am due to record in early 2013. If you’re a fan of Incubus, A Perfect Circle and my old band Frozen Alice then my music will be right up your alley! www.marktronson.com

Mariya Nakova –Flawless and Milk is a two-part photography exhibition. Part one – ‘Flawless’ is dedicated to four of my closest friends. It is presenting a dramatic portrait of each of them and exposing an intimate side of their characters. Part two – ‘Milk’ is a surreal world involving a white room with claw-foot bathtub full of milk, a body painted naked female and, of course, a dark surprise. www.mariyanakova.com

Nicholas King – ‘The Depiction of a Series of Brutal Murders’ – A masked man had been watching you for months. One night he broke into your home. He cut off your hands. He brutally tortured and murdered you. Now he wants you back. He wants you to relive the horror. He’s going to make you watch your own death with him, he wants to know how each stab felt… he wants to know if you’re proud of him… A black comedy/ horror short film not for the squeamish. R18.